Clash Of Clans in Among Us -

Clash Of Clans in Among Us

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Today we play Clash of Clan in a modded Among Us Game Mode!

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Mod By:

• Video Editor ► Luke

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

• Discord:

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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  1. When helloIam asked ssundee if they should focus on gold a few seconds later the gold went down and lookumz was no where near the gold collector

  2. The next among us mod should be a scary demented among us mod. I think that it would be really cool if the new mod was the gabby cat movie from netflix


  4. Ssundee can you post more Roblox content pls

  5. Sundays are you Lizer your Whole. Life is YouTube and among us😢😢😢😢😢😢Orrin

  6. Ssundee, can you do an anime mod please where you can choose between a bunch of different animes and each of them have their own powers

  7. Do a god mod. each crewmate can be there own special god and the impster can be a titan!!! with titan pwers

  8. Mod idea I hope you
    pick mine:dog vs cat de dog is de imposter and every time he kill somebody he get powers and de cat try to kill or steal all he’s powers but if there is just de cat and 3 more pepole he can press a dog infection

  9. I know what mod in among us the mod is goku

  10. i can hear the battle music playing in my head already

  11. Ssundee please from the bottom of my heart take a brake from among us. I would suggest playing Shadows Over Loathing.

  12. Ssundee i think my cousin had the game clash of clans. actually…..i don't know😂😅😊❤

  13. I wonder who the imposter was on the blue team

  14. Mod idea i fell like a chainsaw man
    Mod would be cool

  15. Do an lumberjack mod so the Imposter try’s to cut down trees and the crew mates do tasks to make trees after the imposter breaks all the trees one master tree comes and the imposter has to kill who has got it befor the cremates do tasks or vote him out

  16. It will be cool if Sundee do k-pop mod 😎

  17. The like button turned into different colors

    Ssundee:The like button will turn colorful
    "What am I saying"🤣

  18. My idea is be buff or the imposter kills your buff ness

  19. Day 12 of asking if you can make a Overwatch 2 mod in among us

  20. Bro no offense but can you play something other than among us mods

  21. The one with the crown is barbarian king

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