Best ONLINE Teams for TOP 1% Rank! | Injustice Gods Among Us 3.4! | iOS/Android! -

Best ONLINE Teams for TOP 1% Rank! | Injustice Gods Among Us 3.4! | iOS/Android!

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To acquire battle ranks, you must use your choice of characters and gear against AI-controlled player-created teams in online battle gaming. Newer players regularly find opponent gear and card combinations that are regarded as extremely challenging, particularly when competing against
opponents with high gear scores.

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  1. Bruh, that Shazam and Batman team is sweaty af😂😂 Can't imagine a more defensive team

    Correction: The Flash/Blackest Night can't resurrect himself. He needs Hawkgirl, Nekron's Scythe and two Fourth World gear to get three revives. His passive just allows him to be revived at 100% health

  2. Please make a video on how the blackest night flash is so fu*ken overpowered and annoying

  3. A hacker literally has an account for top positions so literally no one can get it

  4. You need to do a video on static. He's underrated in my opinion

  5. Can u make a video when u start from nothing to something

  6. i respect the hustle for your website but $70 a mf character?? no way people actually buy that shit

  7. Imagine play injustice 1 instead of injustice 2

  8. Why buy the shit? It’s takes away from the games purpose “ the grind “ … it’s completely pointless if you just buy yo way to the top when the game was free 💀 tf

    Não tem como não se contagiar com essa música! Marcou a história do mundo

    Não tem como não se contagiar com essa música! Marcou a história do mundo

  11. wish i have those characters.. i play so slow.. 🙁 i only have jessica with gauntlet with silver green lantern

  12. Hey Mirza, could you make a comparison video of the three highest base stat versions of Superman, including N52Supes, Blackest Night and I2, so we can get to know who's the best of all the lot? I'm often troubled between choosing between I2 and N52 but I've heard BN is great too, so can you make different videos comparing each of them to each other?

  13. That thumbnail looks awesome I want that Raven

  14. i like Arkham Night, Arkham Night Cat Woman and Arkham Night Batgirl

  15. Ah yes purified raven!! pretty rare although not as op

  16. I almost havee as much nth as and I dont hack LOL ( I have like 4k)

  17. Yo Mirza so there was this set up for yellow lantern hal Jordan and I think you should try it is The league of assassins adept blade , The quake engine and the ibistick.

  18. Wait how do you activate 3 different waynetech boosts? Is that possible to do on IOS?

  19. Does the console version of the first game still have the prison superman costume?

  20. A good team for beginners is
    Animated Harley Quinn
    Bronze Harley Quinn
    Any joker card both Harleys give plus damage to joker 60% and animated Harley gives 20% to bronze Harley Quinn.

  21. These teams are somewhat valid. Although if you're looking for speed and efficiency I'd branch off and go for a luchador bane nuke which has been proven to be the fastest team in the world. I would also go for an ares SP2 nuke which is super powerful since his SP2 is unblockable. AO batman with CRIT damage is also deadly as he starts with an advantage of 2 bars of power.

  22. Brother I need help I used to play the game on andoid now i have switched to ios when i login to ios from my same wbid which i used to play on andoid it is now showing my any characters on the id ,help me brother

  23. A lot of people will disagree but I think Cassandra cains passive is kinda op so just think about it you go on online you got some good cards idk make one up and you can just keep tagging in Cassandra and draining the enemies health one by one with the -25% health passive

  24. my team is fp bats gaaslight bats and raven prime. i have gotten to top 10% in the past 2 days alone with that team

  25. How to download injustice ios mod in my i phone

  26. How to download injustice ios mod

  27. Where to get purified raven? From challenge pack?

  28. back in the day you had it made if your team was Shazam killing joke joker and Arkham origins batman

  29. Can someone help me ,i reached gold 1 twice and didnt get my rewards from online battle ,wht is wrong ,is this a common glitch??

  30. Is your shop still up? And how long does it take?

  31. Bro i think they should have made arkham knight batman a metal and his passive should have been the same but also all teammates gains damage buff

  32. I have one question how do u get good gear my best gear is lex luthurs

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