Annoying online daters in among us -

Annoying online daters in among us

Georgie The Bounty Hunter
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  1. I remeber that name i was like you know what RUN AWAY

  2. As someone wise stated "thanos shouldve killed us all"

  3. Im think online daters are worse than hackers

  4. Its really annoying when they ban everyone from the game so they can be alone.

  5. I'll be honest….. I used to this like a year ago

  6. Bra I wish these stupit online dating stops

  7. Dare:i dare you to troll online daters

  8. they stopped in 2021,but no one can chat without quick chat,thank innersloth,you are a piece of shit!

  9. Sometimes, half of the names in the server are named "snap nxde" or whatever
    So I named myself "it ain't tinder" and went into one of these persons lobbies
    They kicked me out immediately lmao
    But yeah, honestly, it's a fricking game about finding a killer, not a dating site. When they ask the gender I reply "yes/I'm a human being"

  10. these people are annoying, so i made this account to get all players to me me get rid of them

  11. I remember someone called ne daddy and got banned from a room for hacking but it was not hacking

  12. I'm an online dater on among us only once I was the imposter never killed her

  13. Your right online daters are just annoying and I expose them

  14. I don't remember subbing

  15. I named Myself in among sus "this GameNotDating"

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