Among Us VR is not for kids… -

Among Us VR is not for kids…

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This was kinda fun.. wanna see us do it again? Among Us VR makes for some great clips. If you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like 🙂 Helps a lot!




  1. I have a feeling your exchange with orange will change something in his life

  2. This is the most sweetest but funny fucked up video yet 😂😂😂

  3. Why do all these like 5 Year olds have a VR headset, when i was 5 i didn't even have a Nintendo yet wtf🤣

  4. Friendly fire by that last kid at the end.

  5. some of these are voice changers but still funny ASF

  6. Among us VR is literally so funny 😂😂 many kids

  7. Plot Twist: Orange was secretly Tiko

  8. Girth giving some small kids trauma i love him for that HAHA

  9. 5:10 "It's yelloooow, he killed red right in front of meeee 😭"
    5:55 That voice crack lol

  10. The 5yo is literally crying bc hes friend died 😂

  11. It was like when symba was shaking mufasa saying "get up!" rip pink.

  12. Saw this on Instagram and just had to come see the hype… Love this 💯

  13. Honestly when i was younger and my friends would chase after me i would scream and cry. but now it's just hilarious to watch.

  14. bro the way you chased children 🤣 wait a second🤨

  15. I recognize theese voices. IshowSpeed was with them

  16. Bro that 9-year-old KID rlly think he better than the other KIDS

  17. If you do another make a joke to a kid saying "Man shut yo face and go back to roblox"

  18. “Whoever did it is William Afton.” 🤣

  19. I’m convinced that these are just adults with voice filters, roleplaying as children. And that disturbs me.

  20. Idk how childs can buy VR and normal people no LOL

  21. I'm still confused how kids under the age of 12 managed to wear vr headset without having motion sickness 20 minutes in…

  22. This is one of the best so far! Those kids' voices on the lil' Among Us guys is hilarious!

  23. exactly the reason why this version has a sexual content tag under the game

  24. Bro I don’t even play the game I just yell at people

  25. You need to do another. This was bloody fantastic.

  26. 🤣🤣🤣🤣I can't bro this man a bully

  27. Nah those kids in the first game were so cute lol

  28. Playing vr with child is so easy. All you need to do is gaslight them

  29. 2:57 I have never laughed so hard before, thank you.

  30. Was smiling the whole time it was so fun seeing kids scream

  31. Sounds like they all have voice changers very sus

  32. I'm now convinced that Among us VR is a Daycare.

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