Among Us VR Is Even More SUS -

Among Us VR Is Even More SUS

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I check out Among Us VR using Quest 2 and Oculus link. This Among Us VR gameplay was recorded at a LAN event hosted by VAL (Virtual Athletics League) in Salt Lake City, Utah with a bunch of cool VR content creators.

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This video is sponsored by VAL (Virtual Athletics League)

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  1. Most of the players I played with were mostly older teens and adults. It was super fun.

  2. Ha this looks way more fun in VR

  3. Bro when watching this video, when he was playing among us you made some dumb moves and you were acting so sus bro, and when you try to act not wsus you cant bro itys just imposible

  4. This game is amazing the player base is wholesome and over all awesome 10/10 graphics and gameplay are great I love this game best 10$ I’ve ever spent

  5. can rift players play with quest 2 players?

  6. Man this looks super fun. Going to have to pick this up this weekend.

  7. When I move it’s like a grid and I only see a circle of what I’m
    Looking @ how do u fix iy

  8. how do you turn off the tunnel vision? whenever I start running, there is a weird tunnel effect that happens and goes away when I stand still.

  9. This looks like fun, when playing with ADULTS.

  10. In vrchat you have among us vr for free and you can also play it on pc together with people on VR

  11. I can't go one server without hearing some kid that sounds younger than 9 💀

  12. At the first Imposter round, if you wouldn’t have fixed the sabotage, you would have one. But instead you used it to build trust with cyan, but then you killed the guy who you just spent time marinating, so he would defend you. Aka not the best move, but this is a banger of a video nonetheless.

  13. Thanks for this video. I love this game!

  14. Anyone else having the problem where there Is no voice chat?

  15. Welcome to Utah! Hope you had a good time in SLC!

  16. Is it releasing on psvr? I saw your other videos regarding someone trying to cancel the psvr version for psvr2, but I really want it to come out on psvr and I haven't seen any other news.

  17. Can confirm it has to be one of the funnest games on vr at the moment!! Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve already laughed my ass off. Sometimes when I’m the imposter I’ll intentionally lock a door and turn off the lights and play tip toe by tiny Tim and people have legit said they’ve screamed 😂 it’s Ben my signature move if I catch someone by themselves

  18. I can not play though even though I bought it.

  19. All I’m saying is that talking to the other players while not in a meeting is cheating. You should really be quiet during until then.

  20. I played it but I wish there was a separate game for kids and adults. My game consisted of overdramatic screams and pre-mature emergency meetings.
    Question : Do I talk only while pressing the trigger or can they hear us always ?

  21. how do you invite friends? They can never find the code

  22. I want to ask you a question do you know how to fix this little glitch on my rift Cv1 the thing causing this little glitch is well I really don't know every time I put on the VR headset it freezes my PC if you can make a video on this please help me I tried everything I contacted contact meta that didn't help I try to a new headset it still didn't work

  23. I got this the day it came out( November 10) and it is soooooooooo fun! it was inly ten dollars too

  24. after one hour of play I can confirm racism still exists

  25. Very fun game. It's only a pitty that it's again a bunch of screaming kids out there. I hope the devs add an age filter or something.

  26. I got this game and it’s great it’s just having voice chat is fine but people have way to much power but nethertheles I’m hoping they add some more to this game like cams and more maps e.c.t because it’s great so far but ppl will get bored

  27. Hey Mike I'm sure you've done a video on it before but my elite strap recently broke, snapped on both sides I really dont know how since I treat it like a baby but I was wondering what strap would you or anyone else recommend as a replacement? I've looked into bobovr but they have different models

  28. I'm so disappointed there is no card swipe. It would be so funny to hear people rage at it! 😂

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