Among Us Online with Viewers Livestream - New Update! -

Among Us Online with Viewers Livestream – New Update!

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🌟 There is a new version of Among Us and I will be streaming it and you guys can join my game! When I make a new lobby the code will be on screen. I am playing on NA (North America) Servers. Don’t stream snipe, cheat, and have fun! I recommend when you join a game to just mute the livestream so you don’t “accidently” stream snipe. Remember if you enjoy make sure to like and subscribe! It helps out the channel.

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If you want to play on the server, the IP is “” on version 1.17 Java Edition.

Feel free to hang out and chill with everyone! 🙂
Subscribe and Like (and maybe even Share the video) if you enjoyed! (it really helps out the channel)
Also you can now be a channel member! Just click the blue JOIN button if you want. It costs some money a month or click the link –

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Channel Rules
1. No swearing in chat
2. Be kind to others
3. Don’t be negative
4. Any weird or personal conversations are banned
5. Do not beg for mod
6. Don’t repeatedly ask for your course to be played
7. Use common sense
8. No cheating or stream sniping when we are playing Among us with viewers or other things
9. No advertisement
10. Have fun!

Any weird or personal conversations are banned. This means 1st warn will have the conversations deleted and a second warning is a timeout. Please do NOT reveal or ask for any personal info at any time.

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