Among Us Online Matches Live Stream #3 Let's Keep Playing Among Us On Switch In 2024 -

Among Us Online Matches Live Stream #3 Let’s Keep Playing Among Us On Switch In 2024

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Okay Guys Its Time To Play Among Us On The Switch One Of The Games That I Loved On My Switch. I Bassicly Stopped Playing Among Us Cause Of Other Games Were Coming Out. So Were Gonna Be Doing Classic Mode & Hide & Seek Mode For This Game So Let’s See How Were Gonna Do For This Game Today In Both Classic Mode & Hide And Seek Mode.

Stream Rules

If you Break these Rules

1. Warning
2. Timeout
3. Ban

1. Please Do Not Spam In the Chat It Bothers the Streamer & The others Around You so don’t do it

2. Behave Yourself in the chat don’t be Stupid

3. Do Not Ask to be a Moderator I Will Decide if I need an extra one Depends how big the Channel Grows & I pick who I Trust & Deserves to be it

4. If you are not a Mod In My Channel Try not to Mini Mod Let the Moderators I choose Take care of the Chat & do their Work

5. Do Not Self Promote or Advertise Someone’s Channel It is very disrespectful to self promote and Advertise so don’t do it

6. Do not Complain What Games I do besides Who Wants To Be A Millionaire games and Mario games.

7. Absolutely No Drama here I do not tolerate that.

8. Absolutely No Politics in My Live Chat if I see one of it Instant Time Out

9. I don’t Mind having Voice Chat for Company for Let’s Plays or Multiplayer But Please Make Sure you have a good Mic,

10. I don’t Mind Swearing but a only little.

11. No Spoilers on Blind Streams

12. No Trolls.

13. No Asking Age.

14. Please speak only in English

15. No negative or obscene names.

16. Please don’t call my Mods or me names its disrespectful.

17. Please be respectful.

18. No personal questions or info in the chat. Keep that private.

19. No random questions.

20. Don’t Ping Everyone It Bothers The Streamer And My Mods.

21. Use Caps Only 1 Letter. Don’t Use All Letter Capitalized.

22. Don’t Ask Me & My Mods To Read Their Last Comment I Can Read It When I’m Not Looking At The Game Screen.

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