Among us online lobbies is an hell of an experience -

Among us online lobbies is an hell of an experience

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Among us online lobbies is an hell of an experience. This is my first among us video. It isn’t anything special but I am enjoying among us so far and really wanted to make a video of some kind since I barely did any variety content and generally didn’t uploading anything so I thought why not just do it. I know the video isn’t the best quality and stuff, but I really tried to make it at least acceptable since most of the other among us streams either isn’t in good quality or I need to basically rework the entire stream since it lags out a lot or just my pc crashed so it’s like 10 minutes, so ye this is the only among us content you will get for now since again all of my other streams are in awful quality so ye, but if my pc doesn’t crash and generally the stream doesn’t lag out then I will definitely do more among us content. Also, I definitely need a new editing program since the current one is AWFUL. Fun fact: creating the thumbnail took at least a total of 4 hours to make because shotcut(the current editing program I am using) crashed ATLEAST 30 times, I wish I was joking, it’s that sensitive.
songs in the video:
– me – Crewmate match

– me – an Imposter game

Full stream:

Discord server for stuff:

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steam: lukasposkus73
Discord: lukasposkus#4868
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