Among Us - Online Gameplay #2 -

Among Us – Online Gameplay #2

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I said I’d do more of this and what do you know, in typical me fashion, I don’t get around to the 2nd installment of more online gameplay until well over 6 months later but here we are finally. A lot has happened in those 6 months since I last played this with huge updates such as adding anonymous voting as an option so you can’t see who tried to vote who out, adding little shapes on the wire related tasks to aid colorblind people with completing those tasks. And probably the most notable, the addition of the new huge airship map from a month ago reminiscent of the one seen in “Infiltrating The Airship” from the Henry Stickmin series also made by Innersloth.

The game also got ported to Nintendo Switch and is currently on the way for Xbox & PlayStation. Once it comes out on PS, I’ll definitely make sure to get it where I’ll probably switch to doing videos on that version instead as it takes forever to get the finished product saved onto my laptop involving clips taken from my phone. It took nearly 3 hours to save the finished product onto my laptop last night. I made sure to use the 16:9 format so the screen should be whole this time. All the new versions, both current & upcoming, will still retain cross platform compatibility that originally started with just mobile & PC. Furthermore, the devs are also working towards raising the max player limit per lobby up to 15 which could open up a lot of new opportunities.

So now on to the video, last time I did 10 games, all on the first map. This time I did 12 games and did 3 per map. As I’m primarily only used to the 1st map, this was a bit nerve wracking as I’ve only done a few multiplayer rounds on the 2nd map prior to this and none what so ever for the 3rd & 4th maps. So I really looked like an idiot & probably super sus just trying to find my way around the maps to complete my tasks. But I figured this video definitely needed more variety compared to the first one so I went for it anyway. All 4 maps are very fun, I just only know my way around one of them, mainly cause the 1st map is pretty small. Overall the game has died down a bit since it’s initial booming popularity late last year and a number of popular YouTubers that hopped on the Among Us train have since gotten off but it’s still massively popular & despite what some people say, the game isn’t dying and it probably won’t for a long time.

0:00 – The Skeld
15:14 – Mira HQ
32:01 – Polus
51:50 – The Airship

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