Among Us Local vs. Online Crossplay on Nintendo Switch LITE -

Among Us Local vs. Online Crossplay on Nintendo Switch LITE

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Local, Online and Cross-Platform play (with Andriod, IOS iPhone, PC, Steam) explained on Among Us for Nintendo Switch and Switch LITE.

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  1. Among Us = $5, Nintendo Online = $20 per year.

  2. So as long as you join a game with the same code then you can play with mobile!

  3. Bro pls tell bro im so confused nitendo switch old or new which is best plz tell bro

  4. Could you please make a video about Doom Eternal on Switch and the battery life including v1 of Nintendo Switch vs v2?

  5. What!? I still have to pay for the Switch Online? Pshhhh….. unreal…

  6. Update: I changed my mind! I don't want a nintendo switch lite. What I want is a oculus guest 2!

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  8. There something called a private sever amung us link like

    *Get rick rooled*

  9. This is crap spent an hour troubleshooting only to find I need a refund for the switch version and a pissed off kid.

  10. Man I can’t me and my friends tried and bought amongst and it did not work (we were 3 on iPhone and 2 in a Nintendo switch)

  11. I was playing with my friend feels like your video..good crossplay

    Edit: thx for your video

  12. Can two people in same house/using same switch play together? I can't seem to find out how. TIA

  13. Any word about playing with iPhone, iPad and Nintendo Switch please? Seems to be causing issues…

    Thanks for the video.

  14. There's one difference he forgot: Steam Version: The OG Version ( With Suits, Pets, Mini Crewmates, Etc )

  15. I gotta cancel but please among us update is there the airship map

  16. I just bought two Nintendo switch lites and one Mario kart deluxe game card.
    Is it possible for me and my girlfriend to play Mario kart on our own individual switch lite in the same game without going online? Thanks for your time:)

  17. On my Switch I can't seem to find any open games to join online. People are still playing this game right?

  18. Like it’s a rip-off if you can’t play with other devices on local. I was actually going to play with my family but seeing that it doesn’t work that’s not possible. So yeah I think it’s a little bit of a rip-off that you can’t really play on local

  19. I have both copies on IPad and Switch, I’m trying to get them to join each other but nether one won’t find each other. Why is that?

  20. Among us on android and iPhone also pc is better than switch lite and switch
    1- android was the first cus of million download on Google play and ios is the same in Apple arcade pc stream are to many streams gameplay stream
    2 fuck off the Nintendo switch cus low number off players in it
    3 that shit called switch lite staples the harte from nintendo switch

  21. Are we unable too log into are mobile accounts on the switch ?

  22. Nintendo so your saying I wasted 5$ on a game based on online play and you block that behind a paywall and no refunds?

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