Among Us Live Stream Online Matches Part 27 Thank you Game Awards! New Update! Hide & Seek Chase! XD -

Among Us Live Stream Online Matches Part 27 Thank you Game Awards! New Update! Hide & Seek Chase! XD

Kever M.
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Among Us Rules:

1. No Stream Sniping
2. Do Not Ask for the Code
3, DO NOT BE TOXIC or Else you are kicked out
4. Say Hi Before Asking
5. Be Patient
6. Have appropriate Names if I see a name I hate I will Kick you out
7. When you are Dead in the Game Mute dont talk and Dont Details Away
8. Try Not to be Sus XD and Have Fun :))

#amongus #hideandseek #nintendoswitch

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW- 5961 1127 0032

Stream Rules

If you Break these Rules

1. Warning
2. Timeout
3. Ban

Brand New Updated Rules for the Channel

1. Please Do Not Spam In the Chat It Bothers the Streamer & The others Around You so don’t do it

2. Behave Yourself in the chat don’t be Stupid

3. Do Not Ask to be a Moderator I Will Decide if I need an extra one Depends how big the Channel Grows & I pick who I Trust & Deserves to be it

4. If you are not a Mod In My Channel Try not to Mini Mod Let the Moderators I choose Take care of the Chat & do their Work

5. Do Not Self Promote or Advertise Someone’s Channel It is very disrespectful to self promote and Advertise so don’t do it

6. Do not Complain What Games I do on my Channel It’s My Channel I stream what I want (Unless I ask you guys to pick it for Me XD)

7. Absolutely No Drama here I do not tolerate that.

8. Absolutely No Politics in My Live Chat if I see one of it Instant Time Out

9. I don’t Mind having Voice Chat for Company for Let’s Plays or Multiplayer But Please Make Sure you have a good Mic, Be Confident & NO BACKGROUND NOISE we don’t want the Stream to go too Crazy. Make Sure to Also Mute yourself if something Happens.

10. I don’t Mind Swearing but Try not to go Overboard with it That Goes to me as Well Lmao XD

11. If you have an inappropriate name on YouTube for your channel in my live stream instant ban on my channel

12. Sometimes I don’t Mind Spoilers But If its a Game that really interests me Please don’t Spoil Because That ruins the Fun.

13. Lastly My Channel is Not Family Friendly so Sorry Not Sorry XD Have Fun here Chill out and Stay Safe Gamers :))

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Shout Out to @lilballoffun for the transition
Shout out to @Luna Fox Gamer for the BRB SCREEN

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  1. I’m late to respond. But this will be my last video with you.

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