Among Us evolution 2017-2022 -

Among Us evolution 2017-2022

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  1. Bro is fake in 2018 is created among us

  2. Porque aparece dummy a mí o

  3. My brother introduced it to me in 2018 before it got at its biggest

  4. I started playing among us on May 2022 I feel old now

  5. The fact people are arguing because quick chat is so stupid. Quick chat is so no children that say something weird like didgdhxhdbdhcicndjd

  6. Amongus literally didn't exist in 2017

  7. People are saying they killed among us but what they're doing (adding more roles and features) is probably the best solution to keep it alive, because among us became trending because of the hype of social media and now the hype is gone

  8. People who played among us in 1932
    👇 (Like my comment btw to be Famous)

  9. Kok gaada yang fersi tahun 2024 sih sekarang kan sudah tahun 2024

  10. 2024: Three new roles٫ one new map٫ new cosmicubes!

  11. 2024 – (Noisemaker, Phantom and tracker)

  12. This game was garbage from the very start and always will be

  13. Dang bro 2020 was the best that’s win it was new best me and my sister loved playing it😅

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