Among Us Crewmates Action Figures and Mystery Capsules 2022 Review -

Among Us Crewmates Action Figures and Mystery Capsules 2022 Review

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Among Us Crewmates Action Figures! Dan at Squirrel Stampede tests out a few of the available Among US Crewmates figures with various Color Suits and included Themed items. Also a look at a couple Among Us Mystery Capsules with Hidden Crewmates of various styles and items! Just be careful to look for impostors!


  1. Do more akedo vids cus the second series is already came, now with the starter pack, I need you to review that, also there are new guys called giants

  2. Among Us Mystery Capsule is Amazing and can’t wait to see next video Akedo

  3. i think the pink impostor should be have the teeth and the tongue, because this morning i saw on tiktok there is some one got the impostor and got the teeth and the tongue accessorise

  4. Can i ask when you Will do review of second Giant smashers lava Dino egg(you get two big And one or two smaller) And you reviewed only one of big eggs)

  5. HI IM A FAN of your lego ninjago video sets thank you for makeing my childhood even though i still watch you

  6. I have always wanted a toy of a mini crewmate! 😄

  7. You'd think the imposter would have something special

  8. Hey Dan my brother and I watch your videos and we love them so thanks for these awesome videos !

  9. More gggggggggggggggggggggggggodzilla!😁😁😁🐕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. What is an amongus character its a sussy baya

  11. Cool figures but they are asking way too much for these.

  12. Please soon do the akedo gaints season 2!

  13. I love ❤️ the video Dan this was Amazing 🤩 Dan keep up the good 😊 amazing 🥲 videos!!!!!!!!

  14. at least the pictures of the in-game crewmates on the box is the new texture for the crewmates and impostors lol

  15. Dan! I haven’t seen any of your videos in a while but I’m exited to see what’s to come!

  16. Well that's pretty sus Dan, I might vote you out

  17. The red crewmate with the horn looks like anubis

  18. yup yey you realy did it you opend them as like i say ehehhehehehhe

  19. among us is sus they are monters they only have 4 fingers

  20. I had a feeling you would bring more Among Us

  21. I wonder if Among Us will add a Dino map I still in shock the sus sets had the dinos almost makes me want to buy them 😂

  22. I found a purple sus action figure at Walgreens I don’t know if it was in this series or not maybe it’s an exclusive figure or something

  23. This is the perfect desk decoration 👌😏

  24. I wish one of them came with a mini crew mate

  25. Which crewmate color is your favorite

  26. The question is which squirrel was the imposter during the video

  27. That Viking Helmet doesn’t want to cooperate with you perhaps you can gift it to squirrelzilla

  28. i played it in old day now my mom dillited it in 2020

  29. Hope u;can get more capsules, I loved this video

  30. hello! i think you should the review the set 76198! it’s a doc.octupus mech vs a spider-man mech it’s lego

  31. Hey Dan those r cool Among Us figures you should get all 12 minifigures from minifigure series 22

  32. Can you do another video of plants vs plants popper battle

  33. Oh my gosh Watched you all the time when I was younger

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