Among Us Animatic [Bad Girl Online] -

Among Us Animatic [Bad Girl Online]

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Woah Among Us animatic! I spent all Sunday doing this and hopefully you guys enjoyed it!

Original Song:





  1. I love the Danganrompa vibe from this.

  2. Cyan green and yellow remind me of 11037, mikan, and kokichi. Very sus

  3. Looks like someone already beat me to making a video about among us with this song
    hhaha i love this

  4. You know who sus here.

    It's Among Us u-u

  5. Are those Danganronpa poses?
    Mikans "huh" pose Green
    Blue Chiakis and ibukis pose
    Yellow ; Kokichi pose

  6. Я думаю, что вышло хорошо! А можно узнать песенку в конце?

  7. Yep I knew it. Those are danganronpa poses

  8. I’m getting massive Doki Doki vibes from this. Just me? Ok

  9. Wait- danganronpa poses- among us- undertale dialogue boxes!?!!

  10. lol i used a line from that song in among us chat and i got voted off TwT


  12. Wait some of the poses are from danganronpa i am at udg so i dont know it all
    Yellow : kazuichi
    Green : mikan
    Cyan : ibuki?
    Purple : ?
    Red : hajime
    Wait i just said charecters from sdr2

  13. Ok I’m gonna say that everyone looks like a Danganronpa character

    Lime = mikan

    Cyan = chiaki

    Red = shuichi, makoto and hajime (and a little bit of a Nagito)

    Yellow = kokichi

  14. I was just thinking about how this song fits Among Us so well!

  15. I spotted some danganronpa poses there ahshsbdb

  16. Among us+ Danganronpa poses + Undertale texts = thus video

  17. F***, Everyone is talking about danganronpa 😵😵

  18. did no one notice the undertale font???

  19. Wait did these poses come from danganronpa because I feel like I see one of Kokichis poses

  20. uh ok im watching a different video but the same comment section appeared…

  21. Everybody liked that. Except for the people that disliked, those weirdos

  22. Among us animation danganronpa charater sprite references vocaloid song undertale subtitles song sung by american this hole is deeper then the ####### mariana trench

  23. I watched all the danganronpa episodes and I cant find where this song is located- if u can help me which episode .w.

  24. OMG Your OC reminds me of like a modern Tia from Diamond Jack it looks so cool!

  25. you just used undertale text boxes
    you just used danganronpa sprites
    you just used among us
    you just used bad girl online

  26. Simon says task matches the shared password kinda

  27. Danganronpa+Among us+Undertale+This song= The most multifandom meme

  28. ⫷꧁༒ᴢᴇɪʀᴀ_ᴄᴀᴛs༒꧂⫸ says:

    Bad girl is from Wingedwolf94 original


  29. was i the only one who noticed the undertale text box?

  30. danganronpa poses in the start of the video plus i forgot the first 2 pose names- if they even have any

    purple ; kyoko (idk what pose)
    yellow ; kokichi's laid back pose
    red ; ' NO THAT'S WRONG ' (otherwise it could be one of shuichi's unused 'no that's wrong' sprites
    cyan ; leon's 'STUPID' pose
    green ; mikan's 'huh' pose

    plus, that extra red pose? i don't exactly know what it is, if you have any ideas of what it is, reply if you want

    -edit ; green could also be ibuki's weird mouth foam pose without the mouth foam but i think its more likely to be mikan's pose

  31. Love the danganronpa poses
    Mikan – Green
    Ibuki / Chiaki – Blue
    Kokichi – Yellow
    Souda / Hajime – Red
    (I'm guessing) One of the Protags or Byakuya – Purple

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