Among Us - A Cunning Shapeshifter - Full 2 Impostors Skeld Gameplay (Shapeshifter Role!) -

Among Us – A Cunning Shapeshifter – Full 2 Impostors Skeld Gameplay (Shapeshifter Role!)

Dmitrey Plague
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I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually like the new Among Us update! All the roles, all the changes in the game’s design… They have actually done a decent job and left me unnaturally satisfied.
Also omg wow I have a plague doctor mask now!
I played in this public lobby that had some nice players to accompany me and I managed to successfully outsmart them after losing my partner. All hail me mwahahahaaaaaa
More Amogus videos soon. Probably.
Also when I uploaded this video it was 2 am for me so appreciate the fact I sacrifice my healthy sleep for Amogus xD


  1. I'm saying you…..u were acting so dumb….like the player who speaks the most and tries to sound innocent is always the impostor…. if I was there in that game you would be caught so before

  2. I saw purple kill himself 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. smart but the crewmates are still kinda dumb to not know that shapeshifters exist

  4. Wow i like ist you help me as an impostor

  5. bruhh ur playing in a noob lobby they got too many chances to report you but b ecause theyr noob the didnt noticed and didnt even trust their allies

    u think this is a good gameplay if i were there I'll guarantee catch you there when u firstly tried to kill purple but the guardian angles protected him

    LoL gameplay , noob lobby, show off, idotic

  6. One kill idea i would like to give :
    I have experienced this, by mistake Well i was in Nav as imposter I, turned off the lights and vented out in admin there was 2 people there as it was the starting of the game. I killed the one person but i was shocked to see that there was other person too. I vented out of there, And i was like "oh they got me" Then.. other person walked in Admin. And they also didn't see the body, maybe cuz it was like under the table (it was covering the body). So when the lights got on and the both people did Their task they were like :-
    Pink : it's black!
    Black : no, it's pink she was above the body.
    Pink : if not him, then me!
    Black : no. It's you.
    (They first voted black, and as pink said "if not him then me" we voted her out too) That's how i got 2 crew out without killin' lol

  7. Wow that is fun😂😂😂
    112343343343333535code of infity

  8. That player was impossible OMG ! Make sure ❤

  9. Note : you should not shift in others colours on the way of storage , electricle , or the way of upper enjen
    Because you can be caught by the cc tv camera's by crew mate
    Insted go to upper engin and shif your self 😶

  10. Having a dumb crew doesn't mean you are great

  11. 0:45 better not shifting infront of vents because engineer can caught you

  12. Кто нибудь знает русский язык а или нет? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😐😐😐

  13. That was a cool gameplay! Keep it up <3

  14. 📢📢📢📢📢📢Self self reported

  15. Why in pc can type in among? In mobile not like that can type

  16. You were very sus i would vote u out, just lobby is full of kids probably who dont even know what shifter is

  17. Is shapeshifter modded or am i just unlicky and not getting the shapeshifter

  18. Abi nasıl açılıyo hile. Benimki ios ama hile açtım

  19. In super sus shapesifter is called spy

  20. this guy is a noob in among us i can literally finish a match being imposter without even being a sus on

  21. How impostor game goes😂:

    Starts game
    5 people leave due to not getting impostor
    I realize that I am impostor
    Someone sussed my friend impostor immediately
    I am let to win solo game
    Two more people leave
    I somehow win

  22. u ss in a dangerous way of them finding out i mean they alaways vote me without proof lmao

  23. Guys i can not find Among us on play store 😭😭 HELP PLS

  24. aacha bhai phone me khela sakte hai mere pass laptop hai or usme download nhi hura hai

  25. "It seems reasonable for me to skip"
    * votes black anyway *

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