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🔴 Among Us Kid Plays Among Us During Zoom Online Class.

Oh Shiitake Mushrooms
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Kid plays Among Us and is the imposter during his weekly online class zoom call. Teacher gets mad and tells kid to put away the among us game.
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Our videos with tantrums are SKITS! We do these for FUN, including the kids in planning them. Safety precautions are taken and no one is ever in any danger. We all hope they make you laugh!

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  1. Skit idea: kid temper tantrum skips school to play five nights at freddy's

  2. the red guys name from among us is: RED or well idk

  3. A Wagon Of A Different Color
    Picture This

  4. Leland is in trouble. Stop playing magas at school or your going to turn into a ghost

  5. A funny part where Leland lies to his dad saying that he’s doing his schoolwork when he actually isn’t, ik he failed.

  6. He kinda looks like the among us crewmate

  7. Ok, ironically, my US History class did a Red Scare type Among Us Game, and it was really fun. And I told my class that this school assignment is all SUS

  8. This is how many times Leland disobeys his father and he disobeys his mother Leland was putting him self in danger for disobeying his parents if I am not mistaken.

  9. How many times does Leland gets grounded

  10. he can play his class zoom doing online school

  11. The red characters name in among us is Red or Imposter or you can name him whatever you want by the way I love the outfit for among us well done

  12. I'm playing among Us in Leland he's supposed to be doing you still work not you not playing among Us he might get in trouble by your parents

  13. Lesson: never ever play Among Us during Zoom because you will get a bad grade and your teacher will send an email to your parents if you're not doing your work

  14. Hi oh shiitake mushrooms 🍄 family I subscribed to your Kids React videos and I subscribed to your Leland’s Awesome videos and I subscribed to your Leanna’s cute videos and I subscribed to your OSM family and I subscribed to your I see London’s videos and I subscribed to your gaming channel Lee, Carole, Leland, Leanna, London

  15. Leland Playing Among US During Zoom Online Class. – As A Cartoon Cat Paws And Toes And LED Street Lights And Treehouse And Bananas And American Flag. – Why Does Your Cat Scratching On Furniture With His Claws A Lot? – They Are Installing LED Street Lights In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania In 2024 – Do You Have A Tuxedo Cat? White Cat? Or Black Cat? – Installing Windows 11 On A HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop With Weebl's Stuff Cat Face 2007 – Laundry Day! – Among US – Dead Body Reported – SUBMIT – Cute Baby Kitten Cartoon Vector Clipart – FriendlyStock – Tuxedo Cat In Tarentum, Pennsylvania In 2024

  16. Lee looks silly being a red character! But I say he kind of looks like Cornholio from Beavis & Butthead!

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