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🔥How To Play Among Us Game ! Full Tutorial Hindi / Urdu !!!

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Hi Guys !!!
Today i bought a video of How to play Among us Game ! in this video i will Tell you all about that Among us game this full tutorial will give all information of Among us Game . This Game is Full Of Fun , You have to use You mind because Among us is Mind Game . in Among is game you can Play with your friends ..
4 -10 player can play together.

so please watch this video till ends

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Full Explanation of Sabotage :- Video 👇

Top 10 Tips of among us in hindi Video :

Play Among us Offline !

How to Complete Task in Among us


  1. When he said that "Yeh game astronaut ka hota hai , isse space mei khela jaata hai" , then my Childish mind thought that " Abb isse khelne ke liye space mei jaana padega kya" 😂😂😂

  2. I will recommend this video to my friends 😃I taught well

  3. I have installed but don't know anything, that how to play..

  4. Bro mughe pahle kuch samajh nahi aa rha tha aab aa gya🙂

  5. Thanks Bhai I understand how to play very nicely😊

  6. 🖕🖕💪🙏👻🦸🏎️🏍️🤸👍👌✋🖐️🤙💪🤞✌️👏👏👊🤝🤟

  7. The option online is not visible in my game???😢

  8. This explains that 2million peoples don't understand this game😅😅😂

  9. जल्दी बोल सुबह पनवेल निकलना है

  10. You explained it very easily and I understood it very quickly. You're a very good teacher, thanks 👍👍👍 and wish you best of luck for your channel

  11. It Is more tough than. JEE mains ar advance test 😅

  12. Bro par imposter ne jisako mara usako to pata hogana vo report kardega

  13. Bhaiya jis pe AP ne naam likha hai vo option nahi ay raha hai

  14. Who else come to share this video with your bewakoof friend to make them learn the game

  15. Likin m online button press ho nhi rha hai

  16. Don't play this game there is a lot of lying here,,,

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