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【AMONGUS】ඞ zzz #HololiveCosmicube

Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN
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【Please read the following rules so we can all have fun】

►Be respectful to each other
►Don’t spam excessively
►Don’t raid others OR discuss me in other channels unless I am explicitly brought up
►Try not to backseat*
►If you see people doing any of the above, just try to ignore it and enjoy the stream! Or at least poke fun at them respectfully 🙂


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  1. Really fun collab! Thanks for streaming your POV!

  2. So glad you decided to do a POV in the end, it's really useful for this game, and your POV was really fun to watch!
    As happy as I am that you are being more proactive in organizing collabs, there were too many this week, so I'm glad we get more solo stream next week Let's finish those games!
    Excited to see you play a Sherlock game based on your real life.

  3. You don't want Ame to be the enemy in your lobby either as a Crewmate or an Impostor. She excels in both roles. Great work, chief!

  4. I am concerned that Hololive's #1 Detective may actually be better at committing murders than solving them.

  5. Sasuga hololive #1 detective! Ame showed herself well as a detective It was a really fun and comfy collab! Thank you for the stream! Hope you feel better soon ( ´∀` )

  6. It was fun seeing this group play so many rounds today. Your perspective was specially fun because we got to see all those little interactions and seeing how your brain works out the case was cool too. Thanks for the stream!! ඞ

  7. Happy to see another EN-ID collab. Had a lot of fun with this one, these Among Us collabs with you are always a riot.
    See you on Tuesday!

  8. Thank you for streaming your POV even though you didn't have to! It was a good time seeing you mess around in amongus

  9. Ame is the only crew-mate everybody else is unconfirmed impostor
    Thank you for streaming despite feeling sick, Ame. I appreciate the effort, it was a really fun stream
    I was prepared to watch another POV but I'm glad I could spend time with you and my fellow TeaMates.
    Hope you feel better really soon, see you on Tuesday o7

  10. Ame with the detective deductions! Thank you so much ame for participating in these collabs! It was very fun! Love you! 💛🔎

  11. 57:33
    “Let’s stick together, Reine. Kobo do you have a task in here?”
    “Are you just waiting to kill us?”
    “Okay, good luck!”

  12. So… even in America you don't always have reliable internet? Then what are we, island nation from the south, supposed to do?

  13. thank for the collab ame chan 💛💛💛💛💛💛

  14. Have you heard the David gutta I'm good (blue) song

  15. Lmao Ame is cute as always. I hope they celebrate halloween and christmas this year.

  16. Glad you decided to stream your viewpoint despite not feeling your best Ame, it was great to have such a sharp detective and impostor roaming across the ship be it for the rivalry with Zeta or the astonishing silent pact with Moona! Rest well and see you soon.

  17. That was a pretty tense Among us collab Ame, thank you for the POV even when were ill

  18. Was Ame sick? She sound like her energy is dried out. Or just her being super chill

  19. Ame is very shrewd as the impostor and she is good at deducing who the impostor is as well, when she's a crewmate. I guess being a detective isn't just a cutesy character theme

  20. Thank you for the fun collab stream Ame, Gura, Mumei, Calli, Kiara, Reine, Moona, Ollie, Anya, Zeta, Kobo 💛💙🤎❤🧡💙💜❤💛🖤💙

  21. Thank you for the fun mass collaboration stream of Among Us, Amelia!

  22. Ame looks so comfy in the Amogus props, like a cute pillow & blanket
    Thanks for streaming your pov even though you didn't feel good, it's appreciated but I hope you were encouraged by the girls to do it and didn't feel forced by the fanbase. But anyways you did so well, especially that imposter round oh my goodness! Great job Ame!

  23. Thanks for the nice stream~~~ Ame~~~ 😆😆😆 💛💛💛💛💛

  24. Tbh the game Kiara voted Ame out, that won them the game because it made Ame finish her tasks 🤣

  25. Thanks for stream and hics, Ame.

    It's really great when I see collabs with ID members since their streams can be kinda hard to follow with me only speaking English.

  26. Thank you for the POV Ame, the constant impostor bit never stops being funny

  27. Sorry ame!!, i didn't get to watch the stream while live since i overslept…AGAIN. anyways the stream was amazing and fun! Even though i didn't get to watch it live, C u again next stream!

  28. They should have known it could not be Ame at 1 hour in. Ame sussed out Zeta, so if it was Ame then 2 imposters would be alive. There were 5 players left so any kill would have ended the game yet the imposters didn't kill for a loooong while.

  29. Just caught up with the vod after you telling us that you won't stream but thank you for the stream and Thank you thank you for the pov

  30. FYI Ame (since you don't seem to know this) if the amount of impostors equals the amount of remaining crewmates, the impostors win.
    You won the impostor round because when only 5 of you were remaining, Moona killed one, leaving two crewmates to two impostors and winning you the game
    That's why when 5 remain and 2 impostors are still alive, or when 3 remain and 1 impostor is still alive, the impostors usually win (by killing the last crewmate)

  31. I wishhhhhh that CosmiCube could be bought for beans, not just stars 😔

  32. 1:51:42 I checked Reine's POV for Ame's magic trick, and it really wasn't anything in Reine's POV, so it was just confusing for her lol.
    For Ame it was a fast wiggle, for Reine it was just changing directions three times (but the clacking sound was heard)

  33. Ame gets to show off her BEEG detective brain!

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