How Among Us Online Landed to the Top Ratings -

How Among Us Online Landed to the Top Ratings

How Among Us Online Landed to the Top Ratings

Among Us Online is a fast-paced multiplayer strategy with several awards and millions of fans. It’s now the most popular browser deduction game out there. However, the beginning of its path was thorny. Several years of anonymity almost killed the adventure. Thanks to a miracle, it’s now played by everyone. Scroll down to learn more.

About the Creators

Innersloth is the game studio that published the title in 2018. But don’t hurry to imagine a big team. In reality, only 3 people are behind the project. Forest Willard, Marcus Bromander, and Amy Liu were fresh out of their Universities. Inspired by the card game Mafia, they wanted to make something similar. They knew that simply creating its digital version was a waste of time. Others had tried and failed.

Instead, they took its main concept of deduction and deceiving. So, they used a random word generator, named and registered their company in 2015. And then started working on the project.

Among Us Online: A Surprising Failure

Among Us Online

3 years of hard work perfecting the art, gameplay, coding, and getting rid of glitches… And all in vain. There were about 13 users joining simultaneously 1 month after the release in 2018. A year later – 8. The team almost gave up. Luckily, their small but loyal fanbase talked them out of it. The developers started to work on updates for their creation.

2020 Boom Out of the Blue

2020 Boom Out of the Blue

In 2020, some biggest names on Twitch began playing the toy in a stream format. Sodapoppin (2,8 million followers) thought it was fun. The influencer posted a series of videos on the channel. After that, XQc, Ninja, CouRage, PewDiePie, and others gave it a try. Each such free marketing resulted in unprecedented spikes of the title’s popularity.

Why Only 2 Years Later?

Some call it luck that the adventure managed to become mainstream. Others say that it’s all thanks to Twitch, YouTube, and social media. They were the triggers that sent this rocket of fame flying.

But we shouldn’t forget the lockdown effects. In 2020, most people had to stay at home to stop the coronavirus spread. They were looking for a hooking entertainment option, and they got it. The adventure:

  • Runs on even low-end computers and smartphones
  • Requires no skills to begin
  • Includes social elements
  • Is fast-paced and gripping

Most likely, the combination of all factors played a role. And made the toy a super-viral phenomenon.

The Future of the Best Multiplayer Toy

The Future of the Best Multiplayer Toy

Among Us Online is now available on iOS/Android, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. It’ll soon be released on PS4/5, XBO, and XBS X/S. The question is whether the developers will be able to retain the interest. They’re now working on new content, such as maps, modes, arts, etc.

The project has inspired lots of cool fan-made versions, cartoon series, and memes. Will the adventure fade away? Maybe. But not any time soon.